DYOR by hodlcrypto

DYOR by hodlcrypto

from 120.00

High-end aluminum prints set on a recessed aluminum box frame. Available in 3 sizes:

Small 12" x 14”
Medium 18" x 24"
Large 24" x 36”

Limited edition of 150 prints

Larger sizes available upon request.

Doing your own research (a.k.a. “DYOR”) is a common mantra that’s used frequently across the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities; and for good reason. People on both ends of the hype for specific crypto projects tend to urge others to DYOR, which is good advice for all of us. Many cryptocurrency and blockchain projects are competing for the same market segment. Some also form relationships with other cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. For this reason, the true expert who does their own research will find themselves researching all major cryptocurrency and blockchain projects to understand the nuances and dynamics of how each project is uniquely positioned in the marketplace. 

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