Currency Independence Dollar by hodlcrypto

Currency Independence Dollar by hodlcrypto

from 160.00

High-end aluminum prints set on a recessed aluminum box frame. Available in 3 sizes:

Small 10" x 23”
Medium 16" x 36.5"
Large 21" x 48”

Limited edition of 150 prints

Larger sizes available upon request.

Classic US Dollar design populated with emblematic hodlcrypto designs.

Quotes taken from John McAfee's "Team McAfee" Currency Independence initiative:

"We are not declaring Independence from State Controlled Currency -- We are declaring Controlled Currencies through #fiat have been rendered #Obsolete"

"The sole source of value is the expenditure of energy by man, nature, & machine".

"History may not repeat, but it certainly rhymes."

"Liberate your money. Free your mind."

All signatures for the Declaration of Currency Independence are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.

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