BYOB by hodlcrypto

BYOB by hodlcrypto

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High-end aluminum prints set on a recessed aluminum box frame. Available in 3 sizes:

Small 12" x 14”
Medium 16" x 20"
Large 20" x 24”

Limited edition of 150 prints

Larger sizes available upon request.


This piece features a phoenix, representing people who hold and use cryptocurrency, rising from a pile of paper currency. A pyramid sits upon the pile of dollars which is textured using the words "power to the people".

One of the most powerful concepts, which once understood, helps convince people to begin using cryptocurrency is that you can be your own bank (BYOB). Banks are worried about Bitcoin because it’s a serious threat to their current power structure and could make them entirely obsolete. Since Bitcoin has no liabilities or debts associated with it, it’s truly yours when you hold it. Therefore, the biggest risk involved with storing your wealth in banks (a bank run – which is highly likely to happen again) can never happen with bitcoin.

The second major reason - which is more overlooked is the fact that bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies are distributed to a decentralized network of users though mining. This idea is represented using the pick axes. Unlike central banks, where a small centralized group of bankers entirely controls the issuance of the currency, the mining rewards system supports a new paradigm where power is removed from central banks and given back to the people.

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