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welcome to Collectible Evolution

Digital Collectibles are unique digital items represented by a cryptographic token on a public blockchain (they are also referred to as Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs). They are the most flexible, advanced and secure form of collectibles in the modern era.

we see in digital collectibles a vehicle to creating awareness and helping promote and fund global transformational projects with positive impact.

Digital collectibles allow to:

Establish uniqueness and rarity of a digital collectible / asset

Track Provenance & previous ownership

Instantaneous buy/sell, transfer & gift

Digital Collectibles are an excellent promotional vehicle to help raise awareness, as owners can now show their support and help raise funds to transformative causes and projects across different public platforms hosting these multi operable digital collectibles.

Use cases


Environmental causes

Crowdfunding for social issues

presenting drifters

"Drifters" are  the first digital collectibles themed on the reality and impact of plastic pollution on the different ecosystems and ultimately on humans and the planet as a whole.

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