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Codex is a decentralized registry for unique assets like art, fine wines, watches and more. Use cryptocurrency to buy $6 billion of art and collectibles today, and plug into a growing ecosystem of third-party services.


Introducing the CODEX Registry

Krypto Studios, in coordination with the Codex Registry, is now offering blockchain title registry services for the Art & Collectibles market.
The Codex is a decentralized blockchain title registry for the A&C market. It is a globally distributed and immutable registry for A&C.

You may ask yourself, "What are the advantages of a blockchain registry?" Well, it's unfalsifiable, it's accessible, it's low-cost, it's automated, it's transparent, and it's traceable. 


Services We Provide

-Provenance/ Copyright & Creative Attestations

-Portfolio management  (setup, security, capacitation)

-Blockchain provenance analysis and certification

-Art promotion via Codex ecosystem ( consortium )

-Cryptocurrency & art business services (escrow, etc.)

-Training and capacitation to art executives / gallery owners/ etc.


All via the CODEX Registry 


Benefits for Artist

-Participate in global art economy 24/7

-Added visibility and auctions opportunities

-Register your ownership

-Transfer your ownership seamlessly

-Attest limited edition productions


Benefits for collectors

-The ability to determine provenance

-Manage A&C portfolio as a digital asset: transfer/securitize/insure/etc.


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