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              "Talent is the xingzhiguang capital, is the core competitiveness of the star light, respect for people, for outstanding talents to create a harmonious, passionate environment is xingzhiguang concept in the field without the required registration of trademark.

              Xingzhiguang provided to each employee is sustainable development opportunities and space, is a fair competition environment, dedicated to the training of professional managers, gathered a group of good management, knowledge management, professional knowledge, and constantly go beyond the self professional managers.

              Star light to become a learning organization, through the creation of self-learning and self worth. Let all the people come together for a common goal, to work together, through the exchange of internal experience and external knowledge introduction, improve the ability. "Value added" in the light of star life is always proud of starlight.

              Coordinated xingzhiguang pursuit of individuality development and team consciousness, the pursuit of the trend of social development. Fun, like-minded colleagues, good health, harmonious family, constitute the xingzhiguang "healthy and abundant life.
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