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      The quality / environmental policy

      Pragmatic, integrity, high quality, efficient, people-oriented, innovation and development, continuous improvement, the pursuit of perfection, to provide complete customer satisfaction of products and services.

      Protect the environment against pollution

      The establishment of environmental management system, strengthen the management of hazardous waste, prevent leakage of chemicals of the impact on the environment, efforts to implement pollution prevention and cleaner production, in order to achieve the commitment to protect the environment.

      Saving resources and reducing scrap

      To reduce energy consumption, save resources, reduce waste, reduce material consumption, and strive to achieve the full use of resources. Full participation in continuous improvement to improve the overall environmental awareness and skills, to achieve the company's environmental management system for continuous improvement.

      Comply with the laws and regulations for the benefit of

      Compliance with environmental laws, regulations and other requirements in order to achieve better environmental benefits and social benefits.

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