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              Heartfelt thanks to every one concerned XINGZHIGUANG friend, because your trust, care and support, Star Light was able to quickly develop steadily.

              Decade sword. From its inception in 2002, XINGZHIGUANG has gone through 12 years of history, XINGZHIGUANG people always "pragmatic, honest, high quality and efficiency; people-oriented, innovation and development" business philosophy, accumulated bit by bit, Step-by-step development, the growth of a modern, high-end manufacturing enterprises.

              XINGZHIGUANG circuit with "Star splendid tree industry model, The moral stand still for centuries exploits, Glorious dream world concyclic China" for the corporate culture, and constantly improve the level of PCB production and production scale, using the world standard techniques, learn advanced management experience in the technology, scale, management gradually in the forefront of circuit industry. Advocate for clean production, recycling, and actively promote the establishment and improvement of industry green industry chain.

              In retrospect, eventful make us happy rapture; Looking to the future, a bright future so that we Zhuanghuai agitation. XINGZHIGUANG people will act and strive for social, business and personal harmonious development and common progress!

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